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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, where you’ll find below some further information on the services I provide.  
I  pride myself on being an experienced, value driven and solutions focused professional and would be delighted to chat to you.

HR Consultancy

With 25 years HR experience in the private and public sectors, I offer a wide range of UK and international expertise including working with leadership and HR teams in the development and implementation of business strategy, leading on organisational and culture change initiatives through to generalist HR activities, recruitment & selection and the implementation of HR processes.

HR Excellence

The role that HR plays supporting businesses on their operational excellence journey is critical, but they may not understand how they contribute.  With my experience as HR Lead in the successful achievement of a Shingo Operational Excellence Award combined with implementing the Rapid, Mass Engagement Process, I can guide and mentor HR teams on how they make a difference to the success of the business.

Executive Coaching

As a coach, I describe myself as a trusted companion, someone who will work with you to achieve more, whether that may be to prepare you for a new leadership role, become more confident, increase your own credibility, empower others in your team or make the transition from turning up and being good to turning up and being great.



Through good empathetic listening and her supportive yet challenging coaching style, Sam was able to help me find my own solutions to the problems I and my team have been dealing with.


As senior HR manager at the Refinery, Sam provided me and my leadership team with excellent support. Some specific areas include strategy deployment, people engagement and ensuring we stayed true to the behavioural standards we had developed. Sam provided great counsel and could be relied upon to advise me and the team honestly and with integrity, and she was a key player in the efforts to challenge existing practices and drive change within the organisation.

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