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Nothing changes,
if nothing changes

I have a fundamental belief that if someone really wants to change, whatever that may be, they can make it happen with the right support and commitment. It is this belief that I carry through into the way that I work, by applying my HR excellence skills, knowledge and experience I support businesses, their leaders and HR teams through change, whether that is through standing with them as a HR consultant or on a more one to one basis, as a trusted companion in a coaching relationship.

Consulting Services

HR Consultancy

Does your HR team need additional support to implement your HR strategy?  Perhaps you are currently developing the strategy or your organisation is going through a period of change and you need an experienced pair of hands to help out.

HR Excellence

Becoming a site of Operational Excellence is a phrase that we hear more and more of, and rightly so.  But how do HR contribute to that journey the business is on, enabling it to become as successful as possible?

Executive Coaching

How we perform and behave in our day to day working lives are key to our own future development and success.  It’s no surprise then that Coaching is becoming more popular, as employees seek to understand not only what they need to change, but how.



Sam has broad experience of UK and international HR management. Her honesty and thoughtfulness were an asset to our management team and instrumental to the success of the business.


When Vale wanted to create a culture of continuous improvement and maximise its employee engagement, Sam was an influential member of a Senior Team that chose the most radical and most demanding (of leaders) option possible. (The Rapid, Mass Engagement Process) Sam followed that up by providing the leadership commitment to sustain the progress made. Throughout a stressful period and in difficult market conditions, Sam remained a pleasure to work with.


I cannot recommend Samantha’s service highly enough; her professionalism, empathetic nature, and insightful questioning, have made what has been at times a difficult process, truly valuable.

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