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It’s just over 6 months since I became self employed as an Executive Coach & HR consultant.  I’ve recently done my mid year review, considering the things that have gone well, the things that could have gone better and what I’m going to focus on for rest of the year.

I have clear goals for what I want to achieve for my first year going it alone and it won’t surprise you that just getting through the first 12 months is the first one!  But what does my business look like beyond that? 

I know what is important to me; I am passionate about how powerful coaching can be for anyone, that the way we behave can make us amazing, I know the values that make me who I am and that whenever I meet prospective clients, I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not.  I set myself weekly goals, have been networking like crazy and have clients in place.  I keep a daily routine that starts early either at the gym or walking the dogs and make sure I “go to work” in the office I’ve set up at home if I’m not with a client that day.

But, what is my vision for the next five years?  What do I want to achieve and how am I going to get there?  Who do I need to engage with?  How do I manage those feelings of self doubt?  What’s stopping me from taking that next step to develop my business and be amazing?  And a question from a recent conference “if you were 10% braver, how would it change you?”

I know that the answers to all the questions I have are within me somewhere, I just need the safe, confidential space to talk to someone, someone who will challenge me on my thinking and what I’m trying to achieve, so I can consider what my options and solutions are and how I’m going to develop my skills to be amazing and more brave.

Mulling all this over in my head, I asked myself another question “what would help you?”  and, of course, the advice I would give to anyone with questions such as these, who wants to change and make a transition….get yourself a coach.

And that is exactly what I’ve done. 

I’ve got myself a coach.

Do you practice what you preach?

If you would like a coach to help you make sense of the questions, ideas and and challenges running through your head and take that step towards being amazing in your working life, get in touch.